Tribute to a happy dancing man! My first project ever!

I tried to make it look like the example provided. I’m quite proud of myself for reverse engineering the example without looking at it’s code, and the Jquery Animations are quite fun as well! Perfect for this happy dancing man.

Gene Kelly Tribute Page

Looks to me as if you are on an excellent path to Front End Web Development!
You have the alignment down, even used BootStrap and JQuery that you learned from FCC.

A few notes for improvement:

  • You don’t need the HTML, HEAD, & STYLE tags within your html with CodePen as these settings are defined within the Pen Settings (Stuff for < head >)
  • your code should have more comments so that it is easier for other developers to decipher what you are doing
  • your code could be cleaned up a bit with white space (makes it easier to follow logically, and read).

Overall, great work on your first Tribute page!


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