Tribute to Alan Turing - the Father of Computer Science

Hello guys, I just finished Free Code Camp’s first little project :grinning:
I decided to do a tribute to Alan Turing, one of my personal heroes! Do let me know what y’all think:

See the Pen Alan Turing - A Tribute by Aye Aye Maung (@ZeroXLR) on CodePen.

Overall, I love the content and the use of columns. I’m viewing this from an LG android phone and I will say that the far right column is a bit cut off.

I think you can see it there on the right, so you may need to adjust your columns a bit. Otherwise, I think you nailed the challenge!

Take this as you will, since it’s not crucial to the challenge: aesthetically, the page is a little busy. I love the concept of the background but I think with the difference between the fonts, it’s got a lot going on. If that’s how you like it, awesome! I tend to enjoy minimalistic design so I think that’s why I noticed it. :slight_smile:

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I agree, the page is a bit busy. It is probably because I tried to squeeze in too much information into a single page. That can be fixed; I will see what I can summarize.

The bigger problem is what your picture pointed out. Do you, as the hypothetical client, have any pointers/preferences on what you would have rather seen instead? One possibility is for me to send the quotes all the way to the bottom…what do you think?

Hey, Zero!

So to clarify my “busy” statement, I really didn’t have an issue with the content, so I wouldn’t summarize anything. It was all the formatting variety you have on the site that gave me that busy feeling. I’m as green to all this as you are, so I’m definitely no expert, but what I thought might help reduce the overwhelming quality is to keep to one font-family for the different areas; or at the very least, stick to similar fonts. Keeping the same or very similar font color would also add some cohesion for me.

As for the cut-off on the right, I think you can fix this pretty simply by adjusting your bootstrap columns. Again, no expert, but I think setting them all to col-xs should resolve the smart phone view issue. You can also put the quotes on the bottom, like you said, but I actually like them side by side with the biographical content (I did the same set up on my tribute page!).

As your hypothetical client, those are my suggestions. Take them as you will! :slight_smile: Happy to provide more feedback as you make changes as well.

I really like your tribute page! I did mine on Alan as well. Not nearly as good as this one!