Tribute to Anja Ringgren Lovén - Another Tribute Page :)

I like to share my tribute page.
I used full of bootstrap and I took care of not using custom css. I just changed background, and jumbotron background to make blockquote’s grey lines visible. Because they were same color with jumbotron background.
Any feedback is appreciated :).


Try playing around with the arrangement of information.
For example, leave that warning at the very top. Then place your series of quotes followed by the images.
This way people see the warning before the images instead of the warning and the images at the same time.

Play around a bit with font sizing and spacing for your text. Hope that helps.

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You are right about image positioning because of alert. And as you said I put quotes at top to make image not visible at beginning.
For font sizes, it was large because of jumbotron, so I removed that class and wrote custom css.
I think it is better now.
By the way thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:.

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