Tribute to chef vikash khanna

Hi campers,

please review my tribute page. any feed back is appreciated.

any suggestion to minimize the custom css and completely rely on the bootstrap.

Hey sachin, Nice page, just a few things though:

  1. In the HTML section of your pen, you will put your code that normally goes between the <body> </body> element of any website.

  2. With point 1 being said above, CodePen has provided an easy way to add resources like e.g. Bootstrap to use within project.You can do that simply by clicking settings at the top (Settings —> Pen settings–> HTML/ CSS/ JS) to add the respective links you have added in the HTML section of your pen.Therefore the `,

, ` elements are not needed.

3. At the Bottom of the page: There were a nesting problem with the elements
(wrong way: <a> <div> </div> </a> ).
(correct way : <div> <a> </a> </div> ) – A div tag acts as a container to hold other page elements.
<div> <h4>Read more at</h4> </div> <hr> <div class="row text-center"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <div class="col-xs-4 fa fa-facebook-official"><br>facebook</div> </a> <a href=" " target="_blank"> <div class="col-xs-4 fa fa-twitter"><br>twitter</div> <a href="" target="_blank"> <div class="col-xs-4 fa fa-wikipedia-w"><br>wiki</div> </a>

3.1 The block of code below was inside the wrong div which puts the links unto the background image, and not within the "main content " div tag thus its hard to see.

One way to do it with proper nesting of tags:

<p> Read more at <a href="" target="_blank"> wiki</a> </p> <hr> <div class="social-media text-center"> <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> <a href=" " target="_blank">Twitter</a> </div>

You can place the block of code just below the last <p> </p> element which is within the "<div class="col-xs-7"> Main content </div > element " on the page.

Put in CSS styles in the CSS section of your pen:

/*for spacing between social media links  */
    .social-media a{ 
       margin-right: 15px;