Tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Hello everyone, just completed my first project. I kindly request you to have a look at my tribute page and please provide feedback to it. :slight_smile:

Your web fonts aren’t working - the links are HTML markup, but you’ve placed them in the CSS instead, which means the resources don’t load. In turn, that means everything’s falling back to cursive, which most browsers treat as Comic Sans MS (one of the most disliked fonts out there - probably best to stick to serif, sans-serif, and monospace for your generic fallbacks).

Also, even when you get the resources to load, something weird’s going on with Kumar One - the font is loading (sort of), but all the glyphs are blank, so it looks like there’s no text there at all (at least on my machine). Very strange.

Thanks a lot @lionel-rowe . I’ve corrected that mistake now. Also chnaged “Kumar One” to Elephant. I don’t know why it’s behaving like that.