Tribute to Elon Musk by theju

Hey Fellow campers ,Here’s my tribute page project:

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Hey Thejaswini,

Nicely done!
You image is responsive and link to Wikipedia is working fine.

Few points for improvement:

1.Reduce the font size of the “More Info @ wikipedia”. So it will look more professional.
2.Its the best practice to separate HTML from styling.So avoid using inline styles such as below.Give that part to CSS.

<img src="Url" class="img-thumbnail" width="1000" height="300">

3.Actually above inline styling is not working since its syntax should be like below.
<img src="Url" class="img-thumbnail"  style= 'width: 1000px; height: 300px'>

what you can do here is to remove the inline style and add some CSS styling to img element like below.

  width: 500px;
  height: 200px;  

This will keep your code clean and the image at specific maximum image size (I noticed that your image is getting infinitely enlarged with the size of the browser window).

These are few points that I have learnt through my journey here and I hope these will help you too.

You have done some amazing work!



Thank very much for your feedback and for tips to build the page I will modify the code. Tqs a lot for giving suggestions