Tribute to Jacque Fresco / The Venus Project

Here I challenged myself to do something different rather than replicating the tribute page for Dr. Norman Borlaug. I don’t consider myself to be a good writer or designer, or even a decent one. So it’s been an effort. I thought I’d share results for the history sake and for a good cause.

Good use of font icons,
Going to add few in my tribute page as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice and neat :thumbsup:. The Venus Project is interesting. :open_mouth:

The image at the top doesn’t appear. Weird, the other images are visible even though are all from imgur. I always thought imgur doesn’t work with codepen.

I didn’t know there are problems between codepen and imgur. I since rehosted all images on Amazon S3.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, and I’m glad I could introduce somebody to Venus Project.

wow, great one. great presentation

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A great man with the best plan for humanity as Jacque Fresco deserves a lot more! I just love this man. He is for me the modern day Buddha!

Nice clean layout and easy on the eyes. Perhaps add some more color to spice it up a little (but that’s just preference).

However, the images do not appear when I view it.