Tribute to John Mccarthy ( feedback needed)

Okay so I have made the first project again, since the last time I made was in bootstrap. This time I removed the bootstrap and made it with pure HTML and CSS.

I would like some feedback if it is good enough. I have included some extra styles and CSS gradients to add my unique touch to the project. Also, made the list background such that it stands out.

The URL of the project:

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Looks great for a first try
But why are all the letters at the footer so big?

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Hey! Looks pretty good.

  • You could be more consistent and add the same effect of a sheet of paper if you add margin at the very bottom.
  • Please add more space between elements. You could add some padding on the top and the bottom of each element and they won’t be so glued together.
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for the first it looks good. Good job!
Why the footer has such a large font size could not understand.
In my opinion, if the picture were a bit smaller, it would look better

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Page looks good @Mr-Kumar-Abhishek. Some things to revisit;

  • If I can suggest something, since the dates in the timeline are bold it may look better to remove the bullet points since the start of each item is distinct.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
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I like it but not sure about the color. It looked so grim.

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Okay, I removed the bullet points and made the hyper link more descriptive.

I have added more padding and margins and gave more space between elements.

I have reduced the font size of footer text.

I have made the font size smaller of the footer, but if I reduce the size of image from 100% it doesn’t pass the test cases of test suite.

It’s a good looking page.

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You could add some padding around the image. You will have more white space around the image. Or you can change max-width to a smaller number but it will also make the white space on the left and right bigger. Or you can simply change the size of the figure element.

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I added more padding around the image as instructed. :smile:

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You know I love padding, I would add it on the top and bottom of each section, but it may be only my taste. It doesn’t mean it is better :wink:

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