Tribute to Mac Miller: Feedback Requested

Hello. I have just completed my Tribute Page project and was hoping to get some feedback on it. As you may notice, I have had some issues with the spacing of things on my page, and that is something that I hope to get feedback on in particular. Anything else helps too. Thank you!
Here is the link:

Also, when I try to submit my project to the solution box and leave the page, the link is deleted and the project is listed as incomplete. Any ideas?

I think it looks good, man. Generally, you want to style classes with . rather than id’s in CSS. (Period rather than octothorpe).

Target the boxes that you want space in between and just add

.boxes {
  margin: 1%;

Thanks! The only reason I did use the IDs was because the project said that I had to use IDs but I would not have used them otherwise.