Tribute to Misty Copeland

I chose to make a tribute to Misty Copeland. She has an amazing story so my short page doesn’t really do her justice.

See the Pen Tribute to Misty Copeland by nikema (@prophen) on CodePen.

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It looks awesome! Two little things though.

First, you used image-responsive as a class on your image. But, the actual class is img-responsive so it doesn’t work. If you change that it will fix the only issue with your tribute page. The other thing I was going to recommend was moving all the stuff in your <style> tag over to the CSS box. It’s best to get in the habit of using an external stylesheet.

Seriously though, awesome job!

Thanks for taking a look and commenting @ronbecker. I’ll fix the things you mentioned.


I just wanted to say again great work. It looks clean, and everything worked except the image on smaller screens. I’ve made the same mistake with that class so many times I can’t remember.

Thanks again. I made the changes and also had to change the links to open in a new window. One of them was just loading a blank page.

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Great work! It’s smooth as butter :slight_smile: