Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Tribute Page: Nikola Tesla

First off, thank you for tanking the time to view this post. And secondly, I really want to get better at this, so all feedback is appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you all. #Codenewbie


See the Pen Tribute page: Nikola Tesla by Arturo White (@arturowhite17) on CodePen.

Its a good one…
But it seems like the link to wikipedia at the top, isn’t working…
And also, if you could just increase the font size a bit, it would look really great…
Otherwise, its a really really great layout.
Keep coding… #Codenewbie

Peace. :v:


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@anon24349556 Thank you for the feedback and encouragement! I will make those changes, and I remember a message concerning how to get the links to process and take you out of to the wikipedia page for example. I need to add that code to my “a” tags. :smiley:.