Tribute to Prince! o)+>

Here the link to my tribute to Musical Genius Prince (R.I.P)
Prince Rogers Nelson.

Feedback is welcomed!!
Thanks in advance everyone.

On larger screens, you get this:

Should center the videos and the bullets.

Trudi, while it meets the user stories/requirements of the challenge, I think you can make it better :slight_smile:
Check out Bootstrap ( and try to incorporate it into your webpage. That will also make it responsive and viewable on mobile devices. Start early and get familiar with Bootstrap and CSS.

@RandellDawson Wow… what screen size do you have?

:smile: - I had zoomed out to capture more of the screen for the screenshot. I don’t work with this zoom. I normally use 1920 x 1080

Hahaha… I thought you have a 43" monitor there.

Me too, I work at 1920x1200 (Cinema Display 23"). My aging eyes can’t take the small text anymore.

Thanks for feedback. Great suggestion, I’ll try that.

Thanks for feedback owel. I’m working on my Bootstrap and CSS skills. :+1:

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