Tribute to Sam Harris

In light of the new curriculum I’ve redone my tribute page using flexbox and grid. The styling still needs work but was hoping for some feedback and possible tips.
Page is here:
code is here:

Sam Harris :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Anyway I’d suggest you to change the color of the anchor tags since the blue text is hard to see with that background color in the section Further Information.

Just add this to your css code

a {
font-weight: bold;

Also text-decoration: none; if you want

Hi Osamu,

Thanks for sharing, and good for you for redoing projects as a result of the curriculum update. That’s awesome!

I love the topic, and the page definitely has great content and looks good for mobile. I love the image of the controversial interview, the short bio, and list of achievements. I feel the structure is perfect for people who are new to Sam Harris, however, even people familiar with him can find something to learn. Really nice.

There are few things I think could be better, and most noticeable have to do with element width:

  • The about section is as wide as the screen. This looks great on mobile, but on a very wide screen it makes it difficult to read. Maybe setting a max-width can make this more readable on larger screens.
  • The bullet points align to the left, which is great, but again - no max-width means in large screens it’s located on the side of the screen.
  • The links are blue, and your background is blue as well. Both are dark, which makes it hard to read. Setting it to white will make it more readable.
  • This might be a personal preference, but I really like when Designed and coded by section is separated from the page by using a distinct background. At the moment, it’s part of the further information section, but it should be separated from it somehow, I think.
  • Lastly, again, might be a personal preference, but please add a link/ add info about the interview you referenced in the top image. It’s a great teaser, and I feel (1) having a link to it right under the image, OR (2) embedding the video, or even (3) having an internal link to some text where you explain about it can make it so much more accessible to curious readers (like me), and save them the youtube search.

I hope this helps, keep up the awesome work, and enjoy your coding !

Thanks both for your suggestions. Good to meet people interested in the work and ideas of Sam Harris. I will definitely change the color/style of the links. I should have done that before publishing really. Great idea to link the youtube video to the picture of that interview!
I agree its pretty ugly in desktop view at the moment. Will change that layout and separate the footer section while I’m at it. Cheers.

Page is now updated according to your suggestions.