Tribute To Stan-Lee""

This is the lastest work on html and css and it’s a task for me to post this project to the forums and see what are your suggestions and i’d like to see your suggestions so i can challenge myself and make it better.
i can’t share links now on this forum but you can use the link beside the title

Thank you.


Looks pretty good overall! Few suggestions.

  • Make your title bigger.
  • Give some paddings to dark red background around the picture.
  • On mobile page, your bars are slanted to the right.
  • Your links are also cut off on mobile view.

Cheers :clap:

Thank you @shimphillip
The mobile page will be new for me so i’ll try to learn and fix the problem.
i have fixed the first two suggestions so it woulf be great to check it again and review again.
Thank you :slight_smile: