Tribute to Walker Percy

Walker Percy is an author near and dear to my heart. I actually lived in the same city he spent most of his life. I made this website with the help of and

Here’s the website:

Going further I would like to learn how to optimize it for mobile devices. It is responsive and looks ok on a phone, but I’d to make my Card Tables resize/reformat for mobile devices rather than breaking down into large card after large card.

If anyone has the time to pull this up on a mobile device and compare it to how it looks on a desktop I would absoltely LOVE your feedback.

This is my first post to freeCodeCamp and I think I would be 100% remiss not to express how grateful I am that this community exists! So Much Love for FCC is in my heart!

You should not use the debug view as it expires after a while.

This is the link

It works well as a tribute. Responsive :+1:
I don’t like the “Click here” link at the bottom. It’s not meeting accessibility guidelines.

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Mh…few thing i noticed: the quote in the header section fades in the background because of the white color

  • I would add a frame to the picture in the header…it seems really ‘external’ to the background at the moment…just a feeling btw ^^

My general impression is that your page is BIG. A lot of content, big images, everything spreaded around ^^
I would try to compact stuff , separate the different sections with some kind of interval ( some hr, different colors, or whatever)
This means you did a huge works, and i can’t but congratz with you!

All the consideration above refers to a desktop view…in a tablet seems better ^^
You can check it by yourself, there’s an icon in the developer tools ( ctr + maiusc + I in some browser ) where you can choose the format to visualize ( phones, tablets etc )^^

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