Tribute webpage critique

Hi all, first time posting on here so hope it’s in the right section.

I haven’t touched html since secondary school 14 years ago so a little rusty, but I remember enjoying it. Shame I ended up in a mechanical trade which I now despise. I’m now trying to rectify that by restarting so to speak.

Anyway I’ve gone through the responsive web curriculum working my way through the challenges and was after some constructive feedback on my script.

I don’t want any bad habits, so if I’ve done anything wrong, not needed etc feel free to comment and advise.

Cheers all.


Hello @danielwilkinson0991. The page looks good. I’m assuming you haven’t found the html format and analyze tools yet. If you click the drop down arrow at the top of the html section you will see them. Use the analyze one and you’ll find your errors. Right now you have some things to get fixed.

The same goes for the css section.

Edit: forgot to mention that in CodePen the html section that you are typing in is the <body> so you don’t need to put <body> <html> <head>.

All <head> stuff goes in the head section which is locate under settings>html. You’ll see a box that says Head stuff goes here or something like that.

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That would be correct, I didn’t know about them, Il be sure to use them in the future.

Il have a root through and fix my errors.

We only touched html in school so the CSS is a new one for me quite like it. Just getting my head around the format.

Ah I see didn’t know that, used to writing it all.

Edit: All errors corrected, very handy the analyse tool glad you pointed it out.

Appreciate the feedback :+1: Thankyou.

Hi Page looks really nice.
It would be more appealing if you change the font color of 2nd and 3rd paragraph of tribute-info .Since both the font-color and background color are dark, it’s not readable.

Hey Daniel,

good work so far!

My ideas:

  • some parts of the text is hard to read, especially the black on dark ones
  • I think some padding to the left and right border would increase the readability of the bottom text
  • I think increasing the font size of the bottom text would increase the readability too

Keep us posted!

Thank you for pointing this out, I had the text in white originally, think I tweaked the layout and missed a symbol as it defaulted the color, I’ve now gone over the html this and the other points mentioned should be fixed now.

Let me know what you think.

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