I know my button sucks couldnt figure it out i worked on this for 3days lol .finally said good enough for ur first time so i like help on buttons and img placing if u read my css code u can see i can barly figure out code but for just videos and freecodecamp and u all i will get better

with this project I now call my self a coder…thanks freecodecamp…
hope this makes it a link lol

I took a quick look and hope these tips can get you moving forward:

  1. I went through your CSS and removed all the position properties as well as all of the top/right/bottom/left properties
    Let the Grid and Flexbox handle all of the positioning for you on this project.

  2. I don’t see any </figure> tags to close the <figure> elements (they were </div> 's)

  3. #image6 is breaking out of the container, I moved the ID attribute from the <figure> to <image> but there are better ways to fix this… (more complex)

  4. the <image> tags should be <img>

You have done good for your first site. It takes a lot of practice and doing things wrongs/fixing them to get better. Hopefully these easy fixes help you continue on. You’ll need to add more things to get it to be responsive & display correctly on smaller screens.

After I made the above changes I see this:

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