Tributes and Surveys! Would love feedback!


I recently finished my tribute page and survey form projects as part of the the Responsive Web Design certificate. I would love feedback from anyone that’s willing to take a peek.

Tribute Page:

Survey From:

Thanks in advance!

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I just updated the survey to have the picture in the background. :slight_smile:

Hi @hilbug !

Welcome to the forum!

I think your projects look good.

Tribute page:
You shouldn’t use br tags like this


I would use css instead.

You also have a duplicate here in your css

a:hover {
    text-decoration: underline;
    color: seagreen;
    text-decoration: underline !important;

You can check for errors using the css codepen analyzer.

Survey form:
You have a couple of small errors in your css.
Use the css codepen analyzer to fix the error.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much!! I didn’t know about the CodePen Analyzer tools- so helpful!! I updated the Tribute Page to remove the breaks and fixed the CSS. I will review the survey form next. Thanks again!

You got really creative with the survey page, mine looks so boring

@badjean Thank you! Don’t get discouraged! Even small changes like updating the font, adding some background color, some text or or box-shadow can change the look and feel a bit. :slight_smile:

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