Tried Re-Creating Google Keep but ended up with This

Hello Community,

Today morning, I set a very ambitious goal :sweat_smile: of creating the google keep clone which is a note taking application by google. I have started studying web development for the last one month seriously and yet i took this which i thought in the beginning that its going to be easy but i spend around 6 hours on this but this is no where near looking to the google keep application. :sweat_smile: At last when i could not just sit in front of laptop, i thought of sharing this.

I was really motivated and but, I ended up with this simple app

Note Taking App

I want some advice of how can i take this app to further look like google keep.

Further I want to work on more such projects. So, Can someone provide me with the list of beginner to advance level html,css and javascript projects. They may also include database as i will soon be starting to learn databases too.

Thanks and Regards.

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