Triplebyte Frontend Interview

Has anyone ever done the front end interview with the company Triplebyte. If so, how did it go? What resources helped you or you thought would help you better prepare for it? I have been coding for a while but I have never done a coding interview before and preparing for it is a bit foreign for me.

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Although I haven’t take their courses personally, but as we can see: Ben Harpen - A Canadian Developer describe the test as a very quite challenging one. There are various aspect in which you could write the test e.g Front-End Development, Mobile development and the likes, also the question is a multiple choice. For me the question is technical somehow in such away that if you don’t understand the question; it could be difficult to guess, but I think you must commit a lot of programming keywords to memory, depending on your field/specialization and also try as much as possible to familiar yourself to coding as you prepare for the test.

My advice - Just brace yourself, if you can dream it - you can achieve it and I see you coming out in a flying colour.