Trombone Footer not showing

I really don’t get why the footer is not working. I even took a look at the model landing page out of frustration…I anyone can take a look it would be great!


Hi @iulia.gog !

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You placed those styles in a media query for devices 900px and under.

If you narrow the browser, you will see that those styles are working.
They just don’t work for screens larger than 900px because that is what you wrote.

You are going to have to take them out of the media query, if you want those styles to be applied to all devices.

Also, you haven’t properly closed that media query block at the end. It is missing a curly brace.

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Please send the link to your own project. The link is to the model project.

Well technically this is the sample project.

But @NielsM does bring up a good point.

@iulia.gog you shouldn’t really aim to recreate the samples.
The samples are just one way to build the projects.

I know it is hard it is hard to build your first few projects as a beginner but you will learn more in the long run if you build projects with your own style and content.

It is more challenging but you will grow more as a developer with that approach.

Keep that in mind :grinning:

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Yes, it’s better to create your own version of the project. It was not clear to me also when i first started the projects. I thought i had to recreate the example. But that isn’t neccessary. As long as you pass everything from the tests. And it’s so much more satisfying when you create something unique.

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Thank you so much! I was not expecting such a quick response.

Yes, I was under the same impression. I will follow your advice. Thank you!

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