Trouble Configuring Firefox

I’m trying to get Firepath and Firebug set up on Firefox, but my browser is not configured properly–it claims that Google and Mozilla don’t have good certificates, and it is not possible to make an exception and connect to them anyways.

Does anyone know how I could deal with this problem?


You actually don’t need Firebug on the latest version of Firefox, which is 54. Lots of developer tools are standard in version 54 that make it come pretty close to beating Chrome now. Plus, Firebug isn’t being maintained anymore:

Sounds good, so far as it goes. I downloaded and installed my copy o Firefox recently, so it’s likely 54; do you know how I can check? Also, how do I use the Firebug-functionality on it? Thanks.

Refer to the below screenshot for where the Firefox Developer Tools are located. Clicking on the question-mark icon, and then on “About Firefox” from the slide-out menu, will display your Firefox version.

Thanks, I’ve got Firefox updated now to 54.0. However, while I can see the Inspector in Developer Tools, I don’t see the Firebug-type functionality that allowed me to test different XPaths and see how many nodes answer to the description. Do you know how I can do that?

Sorry, not familiar with XPaths.

:frowning: They’re exactly what I need Firebug functionality for; otherwise I could just use Chrome developer tools and be happy.

@astv99, do you know how I can use Firefox 54.0 to build XPaths?

Also, do either of you (or anyone else) know how I can get Firefox properly configured to show me sites like Google, Mozilla, etc? Right now, some sites it shows me normally, some sites show up but are blank, and some sites, like Google, are deemed not properly configured, not secure, and will not open at all.