Trouble finding full details of test failures (Mocha/Chai Personal Library Project)

Hey everyone! I’m working my way through the final projects of the curriculum, and am on the Personal Library. I’m having trouble understanding a few things with reading the output of the tests I’ve written, here’s the Glitch project for reference.

Currently, I’m seeing (what I understand to be) Mocha’s output in the Glitch console, and what’s confusing to me is that I can’t see any of the assertion/errors that are being thrown in those tests to find out what’s causing them to fail. To add to that, I don’t understand what is telling Mocha to run the tests and output to the console. With the previous project that I did (the Issue Tracker), I was able to see much more detailed information by running mocha tests in the Glitch terminal (you can see that project and do that here), when I run mocha tests in the terminal of the project in question, I just get a very long error message.

So, to summarize: why am I not seeing detailed testing information, and what is causing that limited testing information to be output to the console? Thanks!