Trouble making FCC's React & Redux challenges locally

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Hi there @Anon551122 I made a fork or your repo and submitted a pull request. If you choose to accept the request is up to you. You’re free to close the request if you want.

I took a look at your code and I think I found where the issues you where talking about came from, so in the code, I submitted I added a few comments that I hope will help you understand what it was I was doing.

If you want to just look at my work it is here.

If you have any questions let me know.

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(post deleted by author)

@Anon551122 if you going to accept you should just be able to click the button to merge. locally then you only need to do a git pull to pull down the changes. This is assuming your local state is clean and you have not made any more commits since your last push, otherwise, It could lead to some merge conflicts.

If you click the down arrow on the button I believe it can give you instructions on how you would do that locally which you might prefer to look at the changes before merging.

Hope that helps