Trouble moving on

Hey gang,

I was on lesson 43 when the system update rolled out just a few moments ago. I then logged back in, re-did the lesson and it gives me the green check of approval but will hang up and wont move to the next lesson.

Is anyone else having issues like this as well? Any way we can have Freecodecamp support take a look? It may be fixed as it rolls out, I dont want to jump the gun, just want to get back to learning with you!


Josh Greenlee

Hi BigJGreens

I also have a problem. I cant even see my code because there is 2 weird blocks on the screen saying

find in a input text block
No result with a checkbox
and then a input block that says replace.

Hey CodeJuan88,

Yeah I think there are others having issues as well. Hopefully it is resolved soon.



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