Trouble passing last test on Tribute Page using the new Beta site

My Tribute Page is at

I am failing the item #2 under #layout. The message is:

The element should be centered within its parent element.

The image appears to be centered and if I change the width of the image to 50px, it still shows centered, so I am not sure what I am missing. Can someone give me a hint (not the solution) to be able to pass this last test?



It’s possible that this is a problem with the test. (That’s why it’s in Beta, after all.) Have you looked to see if there is a GitHub issue for it?

For some reason you can’t add a class to #img-div (at least not .well). And a padding is also not allowed.

I suppose this is a bug since the image is clearly centered within its parent.

@BenGitter @rmdawson71 Thanks for reporting this issue - I did some investigating, and it looks like Bootstrap is the cause of the issue, so this is something that will need to be investigated further. In fact, I took the example project, which passes all the tests (and does not use bootstrap at all) and added bootstrap as a dependency without changing anything else in the CSS or HTML, and it caused the same test to fail, with the same exact error message.

The solution is going to be changing the delta, or margin of error, to 10 instead of 5, which will account for whatever extra width bootstrap somehow computes (even though it does not actually seem to exist). This will mean that someone could be off by 10px and they’d still pass the test, but we’re just going to have to settle for “mostly centered” rather than centered :wink:

Nice job on your project btw @rmdawson71!

Also, if you are going to be completing more of these projects, I recently added a “report bug” link the the test suite, so feel free to use that instead to report any issues you come across along the way. This would be helpful in getting them all tracked in one place.

Excellent. I will use the report bug feature for the future. I plan on implementing all of my projects through both the Beta and normal FCC.

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@rmdawson71 go to your pen’s JS settings and replace the external link there with - all your tests should pass!

If you read this more than a few hours from now, all tests should pass without replacing that CDN (it just takes a little longer for changes to propagate down through that link)

Is this bug still a thang? Had issues (different) with the img-div recognizing the child id’s. Logged it…

if it’s nothing but my code ignore and close…

@DarrenfJ Hey, I checked out your pen, but it looks like you fixed the issue - what test # were you having difficulty with? Maybe you can revert it back to what it was for me so I can take a look (I developed the tests so hopefully can shed some light). Also, if you notice any other problems with tests, click the “report bug” link and open an issue there, as the test suite project has its own repo. Thanks!

Cool. Will revert it back and then log it in the test suite report button. I didn’t originally because when you click it, it gives you a blank template without capturing your browser info etc. So you’ll have to refer to all that metadata in the original ticket…

done… issue 34… link here

Both of these issues raised by @rmdawson71& @DarrenfJ have been resolved!

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thanks man! Went in and all is working well…