Trouble Scrolling for Markdown Previewer

So I’m working on my markdown previewer but I am having trouble scrolling on the preview section of the website.

For some reason, I am able to scroll through the preview section when I use the button to expand the preview, but am unable to do so while the preview is still small. I have absolutely zero idea why this happens.

Also, the scrolling completely doesn’t work if I make the difference in size between the shrunk and expanded versions of the preview 0.

If anyone could help me figure this one out I’d really appreciate it.

The link to the project is here:

hey there, in your css, remove position:relative from .preview-head, it scrolls perfectly

Oh neat. Removing the position relative also means I can’t anchor the button to the preview head but I can try to figure out another way to do that. Thanks for the tip!

Awesome I figured it out. Thanks again for the tip.