Trouble submitting algorithms challenge

So, I’ve spent a couple of hours on the counting back change challenge in advanced javascript algorithms. I’ve built a somewhat verbose solution at about 200 lines including comments. I’m really happy with the way it works, even though I know there are vastly more efficient ways to do it. It passes all the tests. It’s in the attached fiddle.

When I go to submit it, it just hangs. and in the console I get the following:

vendor-main-84ab4d5263.js:4 POST net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERRORsend @ vendor-main-84ab4d5263.js:4ajax @ vendor-main-84ab4d5263.js:4n @ commonFramework-120fa0af86.js:1dispatch @ vendor-main-84ab4d5263.js:3r.handle @ vendor-main-84ab4d5263.js:3

Same issue in Firefox, but without the useful console info. Has anybody else encountered anything similar?

@P1xt I was working (on a different computer) last week when they rolled back the react update. I’ll give a cache clear a shot, and maybe try a 3rd browser.

FWIW, it’s clearing the tests just fine, it just hangs on actual submission.

I think we can safely assume it’s an issue on my end then. Thanks for testing for me, @P1xt.