Trouble Syncing Adode Fonts in CodePen Help

Hi all, I spent the last couple days trying to get my Adobe fonts to sync to CodePen no avail.

I’ve tried dropping the @import code right into the css window. Copying the code in html pen settings’ Stuff for head, then adding the external css file under the css pen settings.

Am I dropping the correct code into the right spot in Code Pen?
Sergio Toppi Tribute Page

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forums @defmut.

I searched adobe fonts not syncing codepen and got a few hits which may help you.
Have you tried that route?

Most find it easier to use Google fonts for the projects. Very easy to use when coding locally, using Codepen,, codesandbox, etc.

Hi Roma,

Thank you for your reply and advice. I got Adobe fonts to work, my ad blocker was working too hard :blush:

Looking forward to finishing my tribute page!

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