Trouble understanding

Create Strings using Template Literals
i tried to pass this test and i couldn’t so i clicked get a hint and looked into the solution but i didnt understand what the hell it is and what the item is in the solution?and what is => after item?
the test says i should use a loop but i cant find a for in the solution though it passes the test.

const resultDisplayArray = => `<li class="text-warning">${item}</li>`);

Back up to the 7th lesson in the ES6 section to learn about the => syntax.

well i know its an arrow function but the way its been used is wired.

What seems weird to you? It is just returning a string.

well ok but what is item? i cant see the item anywhere in the code but inside the function

item is a parameter of the callback function. Since the code uses the map method, it represents the value of each element being iterated over.