Trouble with Express challenge

Am finding it difficult to pass this challenge. bellow is my code:

var message ="Hello json";
var msgObj ={};
msgObj = {"message":message};
      message = message.toUpperCase();
      msgObj.message = message;
    app.get("/json", function(req, res) {
      return res.json(msgObj);

I moved your question to its own topic as was completely unrelated to the topic you posted under. Please use the “Ask a Question” button on the challenge in the future. I believe you are working on the Basic Node and Express - Use the .env File challenge.

The only thing I notice without seeing your full code (you would need to supply your Glitch url or GitHub url) is that your if statement condition is not checking for the correct string to compare to process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE. Make sure to follow the instructions.