Trouble with the image for Tribute Page

Hey everyone!
I tried to read through similar topic threads to see if I could figure out what is going on with my code, but I can’t seem to get the image I selected to show up.

Thank you for any advice.

I looked at the page’s source code and got the image url. After opening the source code, I did ctrl+F and searched “img” and looked at the alt text to see what probable img it could be:

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Hi @thatwolfyouknow !

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Here are the steps to getting the correct url

The steps are listed at the bottom of the article.

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Ah, so I need to pass the image through flickr to create a URL the code will recognize/be able to pull?

You just need to use a url to an actual image rather than a url to a webpage that has an image on it.

Ah, thank you. I guess I thought that the URL I used was directly to the image because I clicked on the image to enlarge it before copying the URL. What you’re saying makes sense, tho. Thank you

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Thank you so much for this!

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