Trouble with Tributes. Why isn't this centered?

Bootstrap layout is based on a 12*12 grid. Your content is col-lg-8, which means it takes up 8 columns on large screens.

I’m not on the most idiomatic fix in Bootstrap, but one way would be to add an empty div.col-lg-2 before (then you have 2 columns before, 8 during, and 2 after). Then you can add other classes to change that on different screen sizes. For example, you could have an empty div.col-lg-2.col-sm-0 followed by a content-filled div.col-lg-8.col-sm-12, which would make your content expand to the whole screen width on small screens.

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Thank you. That fixed it.

I had tried something similar to create the 12 columns, but my idea hadn’t worked.