Trust in the process?

so i’m almost finished with the “Nutrition label” tutorial and i feel like im breezing through the challenges really easily and im making a lot of progress… However I dont really feel like im retaining any knowledge., like if i were to try to build this stuff on my own, I wouldn’t know what to do unless i was told.

is this normal?

Yes. That’s why building your own projects on your own is when “real” programming happens. You google stuff yourself, you experiment yourself, you fail a lot yourself, and you work things out yourself.

Have you completed the Survey Form project? The projects are milestones in which you can practice what you have met so far

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This is what I used to think before building my practice Survey Form project. I was skeptical of being able to remember what was taught through freeCodeCamp.

But after doing it, just coding HTML and CSS in the editor, I suddenly remembered what to put in, and if I ever forget something I would either Google or look at my notes (yes, I do note-taking) just to find what I need.

I have been doing it since then, and it has helped me a lot. You can take notes like me if you want (and only list the ones you find hard) but like @xynoan said, plan and start building it.

You will learn so much more by doing so that watching video project tutorials or even going through the challenges given by freeCodeCamp.


haha i did do the survey form and it just feels basic. like i could do better

@Wannabedev720 Yes, you can do, no, be better than before.

From what I read from past posts on the fCC forum, it’s better to move on to the next project and improve your coding skills from there whether it is HTML, CSS, JS or any language or program related to that field.

Just don’t easily backdown if you ever encounter a problem that is solvable, and once you did, you will feel good soon after.

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thank you. that was really encouraging, seriously thank you !

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self respect at the end of solving something is huge man

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