Try understand jQuery .data with function side


function test()
var thisone = $('#idforelement').data('thisone');
var secondone = $('#idforelement2').data('secondone');


<div id="idforelement" data-thisone="Hello world!"></div>

Is correct use data from html side to inside a function like on idforelement at html?

Or another ways to do it?


What’s the idea of: function test(thisone,secondone) ?
Why do you pass these arguments?

Ah is not needed. Just try to got the idea when is useful pass the data value from html side to a javascript function as a value?


Ok. Yes, it’s correct to use it inside a function. This is not restricted to the data()-function. You can access html-nodes anywhere and read or modify them, eg:
$(’#idforelement’).css(“color”, “yellow”);

A usecase for data() may be:

<button id="mybutton" data-ids="id1,id2">Click</button>
<div id="id1">1</div>
<div id="id2">2</div>
  var a =$(this).data('ids').split(',');
  for(var i=0; i<a.length; i++) {
    $('#'+a[i]).css("color", "red");

When clicking the button then 2 divs will be modified.
And the button stores the information, which divs should be modified, in the data-ids-attribute.

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