Trying and can't get it

Gone over it way too many times and can "t get it to pass. Please help. Thank you in advance.

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function switchOfStuff(val) {
let answer = "";

case "a":
answer = "apple"
case "b"
answer = "bird"
case "c"
answer = "cat"

return answer;

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Challenge: Adding a Default Option in Switch Statements

Link to the challenge:

Compare the ends of your case clauses

case "a":
case "b"

You also need cases for d and 4 and the default

Firstly my friend you haven’t mentioned colons : after the case “b” and case “c” and also you need to write a default case which will run when none of the above cases are true. default case syntax is similar to above cases in place of case “a/b/c” you need to write default and give answer a value of stuff. Try solving it as I explained it and try to comprehend whats being asked and if still you are not able to get the solution then here it is : -


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Okk I will insure this in my future answers.

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