Trying to add icons to a specific spot on a Squarespace website

A friend of mine wants my help with putting some images in a specific spot over some text on a Squarespace site his boss wants him to make. Much like the boxes on the Product Landing Page project.

I can easily embed the icons for the site with CSS, but I’m not entirely sure how to put them in a specific spot, since from what I remember, the positioning of everything on a page partially depends on the flow of the HTML code, which I can’t access on Squarespace.

I am going to continue to toy with it without messing anything up, hopefully. What suggestions do you have?

How do I get it to look like the facts thing at the bottom of this BHG website?

Can You Provide you website. It can done very simple with positioning concept in html checkout how to use positioning. if you haven’t get it pin you website in comment or you needed a final look, based on it may i provide a code for you.