Trying to Become Data Analyst

I’m an electrical engineer. I starting this topic to get to know about Data analysis using python since I like only this language the most.

If you got any advice, suggestion, etc, Kindly let me know.

Hey @ahmedmuzammal, Python is where it’s at for data analysis. It’s super versatile and has a ton of libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib that make crunching numbers and visualizing data easier. Don’t be afraid to get hands-on with projects. E.g. pick a dataset that interests you (maybe something related to electrical engineering?) and start playing around with it. You’ll learn a ton by just getting in there and tinkering. Hit up Stack Overflow when you get stuck, the explanations there sometimes clicks things into place for me.

The main point is I learned more by struggling with a hands-on approach (which involved lots and lots of troubleshooting) than I did using any other method. Also, don’t get stuck on picking the perfect dataset, you’re trying to learn the methods to analyse data, so the data quality should not be the focus of your programming travels.

Good luck!

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that’s a quite insightful response. Thanks a lot.

I know that real world projects data doesn’t come clean and we as data analysts have to clean it first. I’m also stepping into a little bit of machine learning to get more info to make my skill more broader and verstile.