Trying to creat an orderd list

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i think i did everything right but its still saying its wrong

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      <p>things cats love</p>
<li>eating lots of food</li>
<li>chasing things</li>
<p>top three things cats hate</p>
<li>being chased by dogs</li>
<li>over-stimulatin from people when people pet them</li>
<li>being sprayed with water</li>

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Challenge: Create an Ordered List

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I edited your post for readability. It looks like you tried editing it yourself. If you used the Get Help button there no need to do any editing to the code as it shows us your current code.

The ordered list you’ve added is correct and should pass but I’m not sure if you’ve changed any other code in the lesson. I say that because what you’ve given us has html at the end rather than a closing main tag.

Try resetting the lesson and only change what is asked.