Trying to find an Object key with a loop!

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I can’t quite understand why this code does not work?

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function orbitalPeriod(obj) {
  for(const key in obj) {
    if(obj.hasOwnProperty(key) === "name") {

orbitalPeriod({name: "iss", avgAlt: 413.6});

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Challenge: Map the Debris

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what is the output of this?

Should be…

if(key === “name”) {…}


Follow up question…

Is there a way to do anything to that ‘key’ now that I have matched it.
For example… when I try to delete the key that matched the name prop, it doesn’t work…

if(key === “name”) {
delete key;

key is a string, do you want to delete a property from the object? then you need to use the right notation to identify that property

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