Trying to find projects (Pro Bono)

I’ve finished the first 3 certificates on FCC and am really looking to get my feet wet with some other real world projects (besides constantly obsessing over my portfolio page).

I’ve posted already on facebook to see if anyone needs a website building for free in order to boost my portfolio but no luck as of yet (there is one person considering).

Are there any better ways to find people to work with / collaborate with?

I’ll be keeping busy, experimenting with different ideas on codepen and whatnot but I would like some real websites to have in the portfolio for when I start applying for jobs.

i would suggest FIVVER if you are feeling comfortable about creating websites. Then get on FIVVER . There you can put a basic price on your products then you will get clients and can work for them.

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I recommend checking out the reqs on various boards and seeing if you can implement it yourself without actually offering a pro-bono bid. Offering your work to clients for free devalues not only your own skills, but everyone else’s, because they now have to compete with bids of $0. This is fine for open-source software, but bespoke software is time spent on work, and time doesn’t have a marginal cost.

Thanks! I’ve actually been on fiverr for a few weeks now (as well as freelancer and upwork) and had no luck so far.

I priced myself at just $10 for x1 website (and then no more at that price).

Is it possible that such a low price tag could actually be off-putting?

@jonathanrace77 I think it is time for you to hit the streets. Talk to as many people as you can. Talk to people that have businesses, talk to people in coffee shops, talk to people at art exhibitions, etc. You will find someone that will require a website. Make sure to give them your business card that has a link to your personal website and of course your contact information. In the meantime, it might be a nice challenge to think of the website you visit the most and recreate it.

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There is a subreddit - /r/slavelabour/ (sorry I can’t link yet, prefix that with reddit-dot-com) - where you could get a token amount of money. You can post there and offer something for a price, or just browse and respond to someone who is wanting something that you can offer.