Trying to get my first front-end job - need help in projects review!

Hey guys. So I am near the end of Front-end FCC course. I’ve done most of required apps and few more for fun. I know basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Git. Now I’m going to master all of these and try my best in SASS learning. As you can suspect, I’m going to look my first front-end job; still not sure if I’m ready and really need some code review from you!

My projects:

I’ve put there Local Weather Machine, Pomodoro and Calculator from FCC course. On the other hand, I’ve made Disco play, Guess who quiz and To-do-list app on my own. Could you check some of theese and give me some hints? Do you find me ready to start with job searching?

Let me know, much love.

You need to create a website (you can use Github pages for this) and highlight your projects with links to a live demo of each, a short description of technologies used, and of course a link to the github repository for the code.

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Oops, what a falstart. Thank you. I’ll definitely fix it up and back here with finished product.

OK, I’m back. Put the link in main description and here too:

Anyone? I really need some review.

On your calculator, I can not add 0.1 + 0.2 to get 0.3
In fact, I can only ever enter one decimal number.
Also, you should be displaying your numbers out to at least 4-5 decimal places.

Weather App
Needs a fall back in case user does not allow access to location.

You should create a portfolio website for your projects and have them all on the same site. Each project should give a short description of technologies used and have a link to your it’s corresponding github repo.