Trying to get my image responsive-Tribute Page

I have completed 9 out of 10 objectives and I am not struggling to make my Image responsive for my last objective. Please help me.
Here is my page,My Tribute Page

the error below the failed user story could give you an idea on what to do

I have tried using the max width property set at 100% and height set to auto but it still doesn’t meet the objective.

I think there are a few things that need a tidy here:

    <img-div id="image">

img-div isn’t an html element, so you should remove it entirely, and put the id=“image” on to the img element itself.

This will initially increase your number of errors, but the details of the next failure will give you a clue on what to try next…

Incidentally, your img src is extremely long…I think you should be able to use a more concise direct link e.g.

ok I fixed it . Thank you so much.