Trying to learn React by building app on WordPress website - Where do I start?


First of, I greatly appreciate time you take to read this.

I always loved to learn stuff while working on projects and what worked for me best was jumping into the unknown.
I am really new to JavaScript. I would like to learn React by building an app for it. I would like to add React app for Wordpress website i already own and create Google Map that would be different for every different user (woocommerce website).

I would like app to be specific to each user in way where I can set google map marker based on users Wordpress account details. Maybe down the line allow users to make changes to markers etc.

Like i said, really new to this, would greatly appreciate if you could just give me general direction on where to start with this and that it is not a React Hello World app building guide.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

The newboston YouTube tutorials are a good place to start.

In the short term, you can add the functionality using AJAX to consume the WordPress API to update the Google Map maker based on User.

Then, after going through React tutorials, switch the functionality to using React, in other words progressive improvement.

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Hi James, thanks for the response. Will search for “How to implement Ajax with WordPress API” then and see where that leads me :slight_smile:

The easiest way would be to use jQuery.ajax().
Then, find out what is the WordPress API endpoint that you have to consume to retrieve the desired data.

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