Trying to learn the syntax for HTML and CSS, is my approach right?

Hello Ya’ll
I’ve started my journey with FCC a while back with HTML and CSS (was able to write a simple corny(XD) site about deadpool,if you wanna check it out go to and I lost motivation cuz I was not able to memorize all of the syntax, This demotivated me and made me abandon my efforts ahead of wanting to build a personal website.What I am doing is it right or wrong ? any suggestions ?

Hi @midhuntony2 !

Welcome to the forum!

This comes up a lot on the forum where people think they have to memorize everything.

BUT IT IS NOT TRUE :grinning:

There are hundreds of css properties and html tags.
It is impossible to memorize everything.

Memorization is not the goal of programming.
That’s why there is documentation.
Look up things you forget.

Even the pros do it.
stackoverflow is down

Keep building websites and learning.
Don’t worry about memorizing everything because it is impossible anyway. :grinning:


Hey thank you @jwilkins.oboe
It’s a relief to hear this.
Thanks for the advice
Happy Coding!

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