Trying to pivot into software Development.. Resume advice?

Below is a picture of my resume. Any advice would be helpful.

Your resume looks pretty solid.

  • College degree (a masters)
  • full stack experience
  • teaching experience
  • 5+ years of programming experience
  • relevant software development experience
    • significant game engine development
    • image processing experience
  • Multi language experience
    • JS
    • Java
    • C#

It’s a well rounded resume that could use some fine tuning depending on the job(s) you are applying for, but I’d think it will get a decent amount of bites even as-is. (still fine tune it for the job being applied for).

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I guess I was most concerned that my CS degree is still in progress and I think my project section was a bit rough around the edges. I think I will definitely refine that a bit, but unsure exactly what I need to put.

One thing I learned by creating a software engineering resume is how little my skills actually match what employers say they want. I think I need to implement CI/CD with full range testing and deployment on a cloud service.

I couldn’t tell how “rough” your projects section is at a glance. Obviously if your not applying for a web dev job, not having a web dev project is of slight concern, but game development isn’t a walk in the park at all.

A Masters degree might take up your time, which means a full time position might not be available until you graduate, but applying for jobs now for companies that are willing to wait, will at least get you on their radars.

If the jobs your looking at ask for that sort of experience, I recommend going out and learning a bit about those technologies. Having some experience under your belt, where you can put it on your resume “to check the boxes” should be good enough.

Testing and CI/CD is more popular due to DevOps becoming more popular. Luckily writing testing and leveraging CI/CD technologies can be done for basically free for open source projects. Today any code that doesn’t have automated tests is more or less code waiting to break, or already breaking (!). Yes it works best when you work in a team, but just understanding the overall flow is usually enough.

I recommend looking into your language/framework of choices testing options. For example, for JS testing jest is great as it works for both front-end and back-end testing.

CI/CD options are available from almost every major cloud provider (AWS, Google, MS) and there are a number of dedicated options like CircleCi, gitlab, github, travis-ci and more. All have free-tier options to integrate with your git repo to automatically test and deploy your code. The way you configure and options are different, but the general ideas are the same. Its also pretty useful for any side projects you build, so its good knowledge.

As with any resume, apply for some jobs and see if you get any feedback. Even negative feedback is feedback, which allow you to get a better understanding of what you lack in terms of skills, and then take that to go out and improve said skills.