Trying To Remain Optimistic

I sit here typing this as a 20 year old who is beginning his journey in the programming/developing atmosphere, and I must say, it is nearly everything I had expected. I expected to grasp some concepts fairly easily and most others not so much… I am optimistic that I will eventually know the things necessary to acquire a position as a developer whether it be front end, back end, or full stack. Is there anything I can add to my routine of learning to calm myself when I become overwhelmed looking at all of the code in front of me? This is all over the place, But I just felt it in my gut to post this for some odd reason. Thanks in advance for anyone who gives their opinions and thoughts on the current situation! Best of luck in all of your coding endeavors.

Hi @JohnnyDiaz!

Welcome to the forum!

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed as a beginner. Especially if you don’t come from a tech background.

My advice would be to remember that it is continual journey of learning.

You are not expected to know EVERYTHING for your first entry level junior dev job.

No one is expected to know everything.

Just come up with a game plan and take it day by day.

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