Trying to strike a balance

It’s tough. So, I work hard at my day job to earn what I like to call “keeping my wife from divorcing me” money. And in my spare time I work hard on learning coding and trying to land the job. So I have these different things:

  1. Learning new things.
  2. Building things that I think are cool.
  3. Looking for an open source thing to work on.
  4. Applying for jobs - searching, adjusting resumes, writing cover letters, phone interviews, etc.

It’s hard to find the right balance.

I know what you mean, I work full time as a teacher in a foreign country and try to study and code after work. Making time for the gym, my girlfriend, friends, and hobbies to keep me sane is tough.

I’ve also found myself spread too thin on several projects and learning new things. For example, I’ve tried reading and taking notes on a textbook, working on an FCC app, and working on a team project. It’s too much for me and for someone with a full-time job I’ve found focusing on no more than two things is a good balance.

Hang in there… you’ll get a better paying job eventually, your coding skills will increase more since it will be your job, and you’ll have more time for yourself since you won’t have to code as much after work. That’s what I tell myself :pray: :fist:

Tell me about it !

I am trying my best to keep myself focused even though I have forgot what word “sleep” means in the past few weeks.