Tuesday Meetup **CANCELLED (Due to lack of RSVPs)** (Workshop - How to use the Internet to answer your coding questions)

Note the new location.

Meeting Point Person

The person to contact about this meeting is: @Ruchika-Roy

RSVP Required

  • Please RSVP to attend
  • Please do not RSVP if you are not sure that you can make it
  • We understand emergencies happen but RSVPing and then being a no show should not be a regular occurrence
  • If you RSVP’d and are not going to make it, be courteous and message the meeting point person to let them know
  • We use RSVPs to judge if the meeting will occur. If there are no RSVPs by 4pm on the day of the meeting, it will be cancelled.

Things To Know Before This Event

We are changing locations this week, and possibly permanently, to the Argo Tea Cafe on Randolph St.

How To Find Us

Look for the short Indian girl with a pixie cut, glasses, and teal laptop.

What We’ll Be Doing

We will start with a quick workshop on how to find answers to coding questions on the Internet. We’ll talk about resources like the Mozilla Developer Network, Stack Overflow and others. We’ll learn how to properly phrase questions and/or search phrases to get the answers you need, as well as standard etiquette on asking for help in forums.

After the workshop, feel free to find a partner to pair up with on any problem you might be having or to continue through the freeCodeCamp (or any other) course work you are working through.