Tuesday Meetup: Episode 2

Meeting Point Person

The person to contact about this meeting is: @Ruchika-Roy

RSVP Required

  • Please RSVP to attend
  • Without an RSVP we cannot guarantee entrance to the study room
  • Please do not RSVP if you are not sure that you can make it
  • We understand emergencies happen but RSVPing and then being a no show should not be a regular occurrence
  • If you RSVP’d and are not going to make it, be courteous and message the meeting point person to let them know

Things To Know Before This Event

Please abide by the no food and no lidless drink rules (drinks with a cover are okay). Please eat before or after the event. If you must eat during, then please excuse yourself and find a spot where it is allowed and return when you are finished.

Before arrival, please review the library’s guidelines linked below:

How To Find Us

Location: 5th Floor, South, Group Study Room
Head up to the 5th floor and either head straight to the room, if you know where it is located, or check with the desk librarian on the 5th floor.

What We’ll Be Doing

After settling in and introductions, feel free to find a partner to pair up with on any problem you might be having or to continue through the freeCodeCamp (or any other) course work you are working through.

Depending on room availability we may have it for longer than two hours. The room is officially booked for two hours, which is the max amount of time a room can be booked per day at this location. In cases where we must leave at the end of two hours, anyone who would like to stay longer can head up to the Winter Garden on the 9th floor to continue working together and can stay there until the library closes at 9 PM. (Note: Sometimes the Winter Garden is closed due to special events.)

Excited to see you guys today! Please remember to RSVP if you are coming!

I will be there, but am running late. ETA 6:30 PM.

Hi everyone. I’m here, on my way up to the 5th floor. I might run to the bathroom really quick. Ask the circulation desk where the room is if you get lost.